Roland (tonuri)

JUNO-STAGE Introductory Sinevibes Sound Expansions

Author alexu
Description Introductory sound expansion includes approximately 50 sounds ranging from analog style lead sounds, massive synth basses, swirling pads and atmospheric sounds, one-finger combo sounds and some that defy any category.
Filesize 179.29 kB
Date Wednesday 18 November 2009 - 08:39:22
Downloads 8
Not rated 

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Comentarii noi

[download] set pa4x 2020 Cristian Chisinau Posted by cozyx7 on 16 Oct : 21:33
e ceva original aici sau doar tinichele ?

[download] Genos XGM-SF2-2 Posted by Mihai13 on 30 Sep : 14:38
Cu mare placere si eu m-am bucurat cand le-am gasit pt ca avand acces la wave-uri bune poti face ce ton consideri atat pt Yamaha cat si pt Korg sau alte clape.Le voi separa si pe c [more ...]

[download] Genos XGM-SF2-2 Posted by sVipper on 27 Sep : 10:49
Mihai, mulțumim!

[download] Set Folclor Yamaha PSR-S650&S750 Posted by Marcel9411 on 18 Sep : 19:39
e super , merge

[download] ALEX PRAVILA&ANICHEI21.pa4x.part1 Posted by miki67 on 13 Sep : 18:23
Eu folosesc Korg pa manager V4.1

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