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Roland G-70 NEW! - Latest OS version and factory data OS3.02

Author danROE50
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Description Roland G-70 NEW! - Latest OS version and factory data OS3.02

Updating to Version 3 Operating System

All the G-70 users, who downloaded the G-70 Update software from 31st of October until the 3rd of November, are kindly requested to download once again the and re-update the G-70.

We had a minor problem with the and now solved in the new
We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


The best just got better!
With the G-70 version 3 the keyboard player expands his horizons thanks to the new added features!

The Version 3 contains the following functional improvements.
EQ implementation on Realtime Parts, Styles and Song Parts.
Based on the implementation of Individual EQs for Style parts, all of the 299 pre-loaded styles now are polished by EQ setting and sound much better than before. Also the volume balance of each instrument is improved and sometimes the phrasings are modified as well.
New One Touch setting structure to manage the parameters of Individual EQ for realtime part and MFX type, and are saved in each style data. This means that each style data can keep 4 One Touch settings inside the style file, and this feature permits to have One Touch setting also for User Styles and not only for Internal and Custom Styles. This improvement reflects G-70 customer’s strong requirement.
Arranger Re-pitch improvement. More natural behaviors of instruments in Style parts at chord changes in case the chords are changed in the middle of a bar.
The complete update operation takes about 15 minutes. If your G-70 currently uses software version 1.05, you will be asked to calibrate several settings after installing OS3. Please, refer to the instructions at the "G-70 Update / Backup / Recovery page" before updating your G-70.

Though your user data are preserved during the update, we recommend that you make a backup to avoid damaging your data in case something goes wrong. Before starting the update procedure, make sure that the "Internal Protection" switch (on the G-70 rear panel) is set to "OFF" position (unlocked position).

ATTENTION! The G-70 Version 1 and Version 2 users will loose the customised One Touch setting data updating to the Version 3.

This updating procedure requires at least 11000Kbyte of free space in your G-70 Internal Memory. To check the remaining memory space, press in your G-70 the buttons [MENU] >[UTILITY] > [INFO], and see "Free Space Internal Memory." If you have not enough memory space, please go directly to the "G-70 Update / Backup / Recovery" page.
On the contrary if you have enough free space in your G-70 internal memory, please download the updating data and the updating instruction here below:

OS version 3: LINK: Click aici !

G-70 instruction updating version 3: LINK: Click aici !

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Date Monday 10 March 2014 - 22:21:34
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