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Yamaha S-750 Preset (Internal) Styles
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Wed May 01 2013, 11:45AM
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Joined: Tue Apr 30 2013, 10:14AM
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Hi from Moscow!
Who have Yamaha S-750?
Please... upload preset styles!
Sorry - can write here only in English...

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Wed May 01 2013, 12:35PM
I do not think anyone has S750!

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Wed May 01 2013, 02:08PM

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Joined: Fri Jan 23 2009, 01:52PM
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Hi! You can find the S950 original styles in Yamaha set's category, i think S750 contains same styles.
I uploaded last year in november.
Some styles are missing,but they can't be copied because contains audio drums!

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Thu May 02 2013, 12:41AM
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Joined: Tue Apr 30 2013, 10:14AM
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Thanks for reply's, boys!

I have my Yamaha S-950 at home,
but following S-750 styles are not in the S-950
(only on S-750!):


This is reason, why I ask about S-750 preset styles...

I have this styles from older Yamaha models -
but tweak this styles is not the best idea -
better take this from S-750
with the same sound engine like S-950!

Best regards!

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Thu May 02 2013, 08:18AM
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Joined: Tue Mar 16 2010, 10:05PM
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Check here: LINK: Click aici ! you can find thousands of styles for yamaha converted from different models and brands. Also check the collections on the horizontal upper menu from that site

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Thu May 02 2013, 10:32AM
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Joined: Tue Apr 30 2013, 10:14AM
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Thank you, victorr, for reply!

I know about this site (link) and have all styles from this site.
I play Yamaha's PSR's over 10 years
(upgrade from PSR-740 to - PSR1500 - PSR3000 - S900 - S910) -
and now newest S-950.

All Yamaha styles from old models and from Tyros-1-2-3-4 & CVP-models, of course, play on S-950, and converted from other keyboards (Roland, Korg, Technics, GEM, Solton, etc.) play too...
In Web we can find many thousandes of styles for Yamaha...

But (!) for really good pro sound every style need little (or more) tweak for newest model of Yamaha keyboard - and this is not very complicated, but long and monotonous job.

This is reason, why I ask about this S-750 preset styles.
S-750 is budget and stripped down version of s-950, but the sound engine, ROM waveforms & basic data list is the same,
and styles from S-750 (Yamaha also make improvement of this long known styles) need no tweak and can load and play direct with full Yamaha's brand quality...

Best regards.

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Thu May 02 2013, 10:23PM
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Joined: Tue Apr 30 2013, 10:14AM
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Thanks for all Boys!
I find now Yamaha S-750 preset styles on Russian Keyboard Forum...
Best wishes!

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Thu May 30 2013, 12:08AM
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Joined: Mon Apr 22 2013, 01:06PM
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Hello Nataly
I have PSR-S950 like you. I have Balkan and Latin expansion pack and I try to upload them here but this site denied my upload. I don't know why? Can you tell me where you found preset styles for your S950. Russian Keyboard Forum ???

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Tue Jun 18 2013, 10:46AM
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Joined: Tue Apr 30 2013, 10:14AM
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Hello V10R3L!
Take S-750 preset styles here:
LINK: Click aici !
Best wishes!

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Tue Jun 18 2013, 12:14PM

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Joined: Wed Oct 29 2008, 04:22PM
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hello just uploaded some styles I think u will find them in there ...... Tyros 4 internal ......

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