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Inserting the Compact Flash card to replace the hard drive
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Fri Dec 13 2013, 04:37PM
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Hello everyone on the forum, I am writing this topic if possible and let someone know to help with whatever znae.Savsem accidentally discovered in a foreign forum for musicians , advertisement stating that sells module aranzher of kyoto is placed such compact flash card to replace the hard drive after I dug around the internet , I found a description and characteristics that worth to put such karta.Znae anyone kakuv alternation of protsedirane.Imam adapter this card also map which Transcend 32GB / 400X.I am interested in mostly after you install the card and adapter , you will need to make a card format of the speech synthesizer and only then install the operating sistema.Kazaha me from Italy in a music forum that after postavyanto of card must be installed in the operating system and only then do format but it is just the opposite , he saw me suspicious and I decided to write here , if anyone else knows anything about it let me share it .

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Fri Dec 13 2013, 04:53PM
Nu mai baga atatea thread-uri omule.

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Fri Dec 13 2013, 04:58PM
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alții rău scriu eroare în limba română

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