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Noul Ketron EVENT
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Fri Sep 30 2022, 09:42PM

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Cred ca asa trebuie sa sune un aranjor in 2022 !

LINK: Click aici !
LINK: Click aici !

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Sun Oct 02 2022, 03:57AM

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Fenomenal instrument, ketron în materie de sound mereu își are cuvântul greu, vedem ce ne va oferi la funcții și cât de util ne va fi pentru folclorul nostru

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Thu Oct 06 2022, 05:45PM

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in sfarsit...
Abia astept sa vad specificatiile, daca ei au reusit sa treaca de pragul de 4GB sampler (necompresat), si mai ales, cat de bun este editorul de audio style, care la Genos este dezamagire totala (nici macar un update de la lansarea softului).

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Thu Oct 13 2022, 01:43PM

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In ce fel poate sa sune intro asta !!! La cum suna si arata clapa asta sigur vine cu un pret astronomic . . . si ne linistete pe toti ! ../../images/emotes/yahoo/yahoo_happy.gif ))

LINK: Click aici !

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Mon Oct 24 2022, 12:23PM

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Sunt curios daca se vor gasi oameni care sa speculeze aceasta clapa si pentru ritmurile noastre autohtone !Pana atunci , inca un demo incredibil !!!

LINK: Click aici !
LINK: Click aici !

[ Edited Mon Oct 24 2022, 12:23PM ]

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Tue Oct 25 2022, 01:36PM
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LINK: Click aici !

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Sat Oct 29 2022, 06:08PM

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New 76-key keyboard - arranger in the offer of the Italian manufacturer!

THE KETRON EVENT IS COMING! There is only one way to call him: Real Arranger! What kind of revolution will we find on board? In addition to the so far known "live" guitars and drums, EVENT will receive Live Bass technology and Real Chords (other accompaniment instruments are also alive | Audio material). Something like that has never happened before!

• 76 semi-weighted keys

• New dual-core processor

• 128-note polyphony

• 2 VOICE programs (3 voices each)

• Up to 3 Groove sections with new loops and mid patterns


• 4 DSP processors that can be controlled in real [*****]

• Over 400 accompaniment including Live Drum, Live Guitar, Live Bass and Live Chords, plus 5 MIDI channels per Style and 3 Lower Voices

• Sampler supporting 32 split, Stereo samples, up to 4 layers

"We had a dream. We wanted to create the most innovative, inspiring and original arranger that can be produced. This [*****] we set ourselves a challenge that required more in-depth research, work, and commitment from great international musicians. Our goal is to offer the professional and the most demanding music lovers an instrument, which will represent the "new wave" of keyboards with automatic accompaniment. We decided that we would not give up until we achieved our intended goals - the highest quality standards, thanks to which the new instrument will be able to generate incredibly realistic sounds. The result of our hard and passionate work is EVENT - thanks to it you will see what it is like to play to the accompaniment of a full line-up - real musicians.

Now you can play jam session style with "live" AUDIO instrumental parts, imagining a jazz trio playing along with you. If you love dance music, EVENT will also give you a sense of live musicians, and the realism of the arrangement will attract the attention of all listeners and provide a dance floor full of life.


The EVENT provides easy access to the most sophisticated features of the entire architecture of the accompaniment styles. There are over 400 of them, and they are divided into Real Styles, Live Styles and MIDI Styles. Real Styles stand out the most through their impressive authenticity, as they use backing tracks in full AUDIO format. The styles also feature a manual LOWER (3 piece) section. The instrument has advanced style editing for programming new accompaniments.


The Rhythm section features over 580 real drums - complete patterns covering a wide variety of musical genres including an introduction, ending, 4 variations, fills and breaks. Unlike other instruments where the rhythm sequences are mostly MIDI controlled short loops, the EVENT has true studio recordings of professional drummers, available in eight or more measures, without any cuts or edits. The end result is incredibly "fleshy" and natural. The Ketron EVENT also offers Real Drum Track Correction, including Drum Lock Mode, which lets you loop your rhythm. In addition, 94 new stereo drum kits are available, editable in the Drum Mixer and Remap function (changing sample mapping). Groove mode is unique - it's 3 prats with over 700 drum sequences in genres like House, Hip-Hop and Latino, plus an amazing variety of Afro-Cuban or Brazilian Latin drums, complete with Shakers, Maracas, Cowbells, Cajons , Tambourines etc.


The EVENT bass section is a magnificent library of 256 true bass lines recorded by live bass players in the studio, in a variety of pitches. From traditional ballads, soul rhythms to disco funk, it takes only a moment to get carried away by the energy of these bass lines. The warmth of the bass guitar, the strike of the string, the "vibe" of the player - it all feels like playing with a real bassist next to you! Real Bass responds naturally to chord changes as if it were a normal MIDI bass. Even playing in KETRON's long-known “To Lowest” mode, a live bassist will adapt to you! You can easily switch between MIDI and real bass (Twin Bass) as well as modify the timbre of the Real Bass section with the equalizer. Bass-related functions such as Manual, To Lowest, To Root and Bassist are particularly fine-tuned - the latter is used to control the bass sounds, while playing the chords are "read" from the right hand.

Real Chord - or live instruments

Real Chord is the most extensive feature of the Ketron EVENT ... and at the same [*****] the most effective. It allows you to control multiple AUDIO tracks of different instruments in real [*****], in any key and with any chord progression. Real Chord has over 300 presets - including folk, jazz, nylon, electric guitars, and other instruments such as saxophone, harmonica, violin, trumpet etc ... and the AUDIO material is perfectly synchronized with MIDI in the arranger architecture.

The Real Chord section has a dedicated insert effect with Chorus, EQ, Overdrive, Wah and other processors. Just listen to one of the Unplugged Styles and be prepared to be amazed by the incredibly authentic sound of acoustic instruments. EVENT also has an extensive library of the well-known and liked Live Guitar function (guitar audio loops managed by MIDI messages)


EVENT is powerful compared to other Ketron instruments, and the familiar functions have been redesigned with a huge variety of musical solutions in mind. Audio Style Modeling - it is possible to change audio tracks of Real Drums, Real Bass, Real Chord and other MIDI tracks. With easy navigation, you can create new drum patterns and harmonics in seconds. EVENT is also equipment that can be expanded - adding external styles, sounds, as well as audio recordings.


EVENT provides top-notch sounds. 10 banks, which include, among others a new multi-layer acoustic piano, electric pianos, an amazing selection of strings and wind instruments, new acoustic and electric guitars, and a completely revamped series of synthesizer sounds. The instrument has 2 VOICE sections, each of which can contain up to 4 voices. Real Solo instruments also deserve attention - i.e. trumpet, violin, saxophone, flute, oboe, etc., providing an authentic impression of the musicians through articulation or natural disappearance of samples. The ORGAN section has also been extremely fine-tuned, offering a wide selection of electric organ sounds that can be combined with digital drawbars, adding the highest-quality tonal texture and giving you the feel of a real organ. In addition to its unique internal sound module, the EVENT features an onboard 2.5GB sampler that allows you to import stereo samples. The physical controls on the instrument panel help to edit the sound, making it easy to adjust Chorus, Delay, Tremolo, Overdrive and the WahWah effect in real [*****]!

Microphone and Voicetron

The EVENT features two mic inputs with sensitivity control as well as new dedicated effects. There is also an individual line output for the first microphone. The VOICETRON section has been renewed with new harmonizer effects, as well as various parameter controls to fine-tune the VOICETRON's sound.


The dual integrated player can read many formats: MIDI, MP3, WAV, TXT, PDF, MP4 and many more. The player allows you to use the classic KARAOKE function (displaying MIDI text on the display), mute the melody line or vocals, or search for specific files. Markers let you reach different positions in a song, such as the beginning of a new verse or the end of a chorus. The new JukeBox offers quick access to a variety of music tracks, allowing performers easy control during performances. The STEM mode known from the LOUNGE module allows you to play up to 5 audio tracks in synchronization - each track can be set to an individual volume. EVENT also allows you to change the key and tempo without changing the key.


Line inputs (high impedance | balanced) allow you to connect any sound source to the instrument (guitar, microphone, smartphone or tablet). EVENT also has an HDMI output, and supports an external touchscreen, so you can control the instrument also while displaying the text. EVENT also supports wireless connectivity for the KETRON app via WiFi as well as via Bluetooth, so you can stream the audio signal directly to the instrument from your smartphone or tablet - wirelessly! "

More info coming soon!

Pretul aproximativ între 4700 - 4998 euro !

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Mon Oct 31 2022, 10:39PM

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In sfarsit e oficial si cam bate filmul altor clape :
Teclado Ketron EVENT (Arranger/Player Keyboard)
Teclado Ketron Event
Polyphony: 216 notes, multitimbral
Teclado; 76 half weighted keys, 4 dynamic curves
Controls: 15 sliders with RGB led indicator
Display: 7″ touch capacitive
Factory Sounds: 10 voices groups
User Sounds: 2.5 GB free storage in non-volatile
Adsr/Filter: Separate sound controls
Live drums – Live Guitars
Style Edit
Polyphony: 216 notes, multitimbral.
Keyboard: 76 half weighted keys. 4 Dynamic curves. Pitch and Modulation wheels. Aftertouch. Portamento.
Legato Mono_Poly. Transposer -/+ 24. Octave +/- 2. Expr. Pedal with 6 curves.
Controls: 15 sliders with RGB Led indicator. Brightness and color controls. 8 potentiometers for external EFX
Display: 7” touch capacitive. Brightness control. 5 different skin colors.
Factory Sounds: 10 Voice groups: Piano, Strings, Organ, Brass, Sax, Pad, Synth, Guitar, Bass, Ethnic. 464 Preset
Voices. Voice 1, Voice 2, each Voice with up to 3 different sounds. Drawbars. Factory Advanced Voice Editing.
High quality multilayer Sounds with a vast selection of Real Solos ®. Factory overwrite and restore. Up to 1.280
User Voices available. Arabic scale and key shift programmable per Voice.
User Sounds: 2,5 GB free storage in non-volatile Flash memory (1,5 GB for additional Factory Sound Banks – 1
GB for User samples). Sample Editor: up to 8.192 samples (max 6 seconds per sample). Up to 4 layered stereo
instruments (Voice or Drum Set). Advanced editor with Split, Octave, Level, Range, Tune, Cut off, Velocity, Adsr.
Sample Loop utilities. User Drum kits.
Adsr/Filter: separate sound controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain, LFO, Cut Off and Resonance.
Drum Set: 62 Stereo Drums kits. 32 User Drum kits with Remap, Filter, Tune, FX controls. Drum Mixer: 9 sections
with separate controls for level, pan, reverb, pitch, velocity compression. 86 Midi Drum styles (Pattern)
available on Grv1_Loop section.
Drawbars: 9 digital drawbars. Slow-Fast Rotor. Overdrive, Click, Vibrato, Reverb, Percussion. Full
programmability. 24 Organ Presets. Twin Organ: possibility to mix PCM and Digital organ tones for a wide stereo
sound reproduction.
Arranger: Over 400 Styles. Real Styles, featuring a mix of Midi and audio parts (see below), Live Styles and Midi
Styles. 10 groups: Ballad, Pop, Dance, Rock, Swing, Latin, Country, Folk, Party, Unplugged. 3 Intro, 3 Ending, Fill
to End, ABCD, 4 Fills, 4 Break. Reintro, Count In, Pause, Key Start, Key Stop, Variation. User Styles with unlimited
store capabilities.
5 Midi Chords and Bass. Close, Parallel, Logic mode. 3 x Lower with Mono/Poly function. Chord Variation.
Varitone. Voice to ABCD. Auto Fill, Fill to Arrange, Fill to Aftertouch. Chord modes: Easy1, Easy2, Easy3, Fingered
1, Fingered 2. Orch. Variation Morphing. Rootless mode. Manual Bass, To Lowest, To Root. Bassist and Pianist
mode (Standard/Expert). Bass and Chord Lock.
Live Drums: 580 Live Drums with a complete Arranger structure (3 Intros, 3 Endings, ABCD, 4 Fills, 4 Breaks).
Reverb and 3 band Parametric Equalizer with 10 presets, programmable on each style. Drum Boost. Possibility
to load external User Live Drums. Drum Lock.
Grooves: 3 x independent Groove sections. Huge library of more than 780 Latin percussions, Electro and
Acoustic Drum loops, Single percussion hits. Groove to Variation. Separate volume and EFX controls.
Live Guitars: 216 sliced Guitar patterns including Long Chords. Separate volume and EFX controls.
Real Chord: More than 300 Real audio accompaniments covering a full chord range (up to 13 different chords).
A wide variety of electric, acoustic, and jazz guitars patterns and other orchestral sequences perfectly
synchronized to Midi. Dedicated Insert EFX with full editor, programmable for each style. Possibility to load
external User Real Chords.
Real Bass: 256 Real audio Basses synchronized to Midi. Twin Bass: possibility to switch Midi or Audio on the
same style. Support to external User audio Basses. 3 band Parametric Equalizer with 10 Presets, programmable
on each style. Possibility to load external User Real Basses.
Style Modeling: navigate and choose Drums, Grooves, Bass and Chords from the massive Midi and Audio
Library. Multichord and Multibass templates.
KETRON s.r.l. - Via G.Taliercio, 7 - 60131 Ancona ITALY - Tel. +39 071 285771 - Email -email- – Web LINK: Click aici !
Style Edit: advanced pattern recording and editing. Copy, Quantize, Velocity, Octave functions. Special quantize
available for oriental styles (7/8, 9/8, 13/8, etc.).
Registrations: 4 Banks with unlimited Registrations controlling the global set up of the keyboard.
Performance: provides fast access to Styles, Registrations with Style, Mp3, Wav or Midi files. 7 Sets with
unlimited file storage.
Play Mode: Master, Accord/Style, Accord/Classic, Organist.
Phrase: real [*****] recording and play for Style chord sequences.
Custom Slider: 2 x Custom slider (alternative to Lower 2 And 3) assignable to Micro, Arranger sections, Drum
filter and other functions.
Footswitch: 4 programmable Set. Assignable to the most relevant machine functions and features.
Arabic Scale: 16 sets. 6 scale memories.
Dsp: Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Overdrive, Distortion, Tremolo, Autopan, Equalizer. 2 stereo EFX Insert
assigned to Voice and Voice 2, 1 Insert to Arranger chords, 1 Insert to Real Chord. External panel controls:
Overdrive, Brilliance, Chorus/Wah Depth and Rate, Delay Feedback and Level, Reverb [*****], and Level. 64 Single
Presets and 64 Chain Effects. Deep editing.
Stem: 4 Scenes. 5 audio tracks per scene to be played simultaneously. Lead track, Transpose, [*****] Stretching,
Loop, Solo, Mute, Autoplay. Fixed pitch for Drum section. Support for external User Stems.
Player: 2 separate Player units feat. Transpose, Audio [*****] stretching, GM, Jukebox, Playlists, Drum Remix,
Markers, Lyrics, Cross Fade, Search, PFL, Midi Mix, Karaoke Backgrounds. Support for wav, midi, mp3, mp4, avi,
mov, flv, cdg, jpg, png, txt and pdf files.
HD Recording: 1 stereo audio track. Midi and Song Style recording.
Audio Multitrack: 5+1 audio tracks with separate slider control.
Micro: 2 x Micro inputs. Micro 1 (XLR) with gain control. Effect with Reverb, Delay, Equalizer, Pitch shift. Micro
2 (jack) with volume and reverb control.
Voicetron: 3 voice vocalizer. Assignable to Arranger or Midi file with Presets, Equalizer, Mode functions.
Video: HDMI connection for displaying lyrics, pictures, and videos. Mirror mode. Up to Full HD Resolution.
Support for external touchscreen displays.
Bluetooth: Streaming audio input (ad2p profile).
Wi_Fi: Networked remote control via KETRON app.
Storage: 240 GB internal SSD disk (80 GB reserved for System). Optional external SD Card (up to 512 GB).
Side Connections: 2 x USB device. USB Host. HDMI.
Rear Connections: Main Out Left / Right. Aux 1 & Aux 2 (Left/Right). Headphone. Sustain pedal. Volume pedal.
Footswitch. Midi In1, Midi In2, Out, Thru. Line In L/R. Micro 1, Micro 2.
Optional: Volume pedal normal or deluxe. Sustain pedal normal or piano type (available also with Footswitch
connector). Footswitch 6 or 13 switches. Midi Pedalboard 13 notes (K8). Soft bag. Hard case.
Dimensions: 114 x 36,5 x 12,5 cm (44,8 x 14,3 x 5 in)
Weight: 14,8 Kg (32,6 lbs.)
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
Pret 4850 euro

[ Edited Mon Oct 31 2022, 10:40PM ]

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Wed Nov 02 2022, 06:29PM

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La pretul asta, clapa e bataie de joc.
1GB pentru samplere?
Ca 1.5 sunt pentru stors bani de la utilizatori, prin bancile de sunet vandute de ei , probabil..
Apoi , in era digitala, nu este nici o iesire digitala audio?
nici la Output Analog, nu scrie ca ar fi balansate...
... nici la intrari.
Pana si Medeli AKX10 , o chinezarie , are 256 polifonie.
1280 de user sounds, inseamna cam 10 banci de 128, dar la 1 GB sample memorie... daca nu poti imbina oscilatoarele interne cu cele de sampler, in 2 banci ai terminat memoria de samplere.
Ah, era sa uit...
Acum, in Genos, am 38 de pachete a 128 de usere..
Si mai am cam 700-800mb liber...

Iar 4 layere per user sound, iar, e o gluma proasta, de amatorism.
Pe Yamaha ai 32 de layere stereo.
32 !!!

Sunetele cu care se lauda atat, sunt de fapt un fel de S.Articulation de la Yamaha.Cine stie cum suna Saxofonul de pe Genos, sau alte instrumente cu Articulation, ce glissando, sau alte efecte are, intelege ce spun.

2 efecte simultan se pot pune ca insert pe un style?
"1 Insert to Arranger chords, 1 Insert to Real Chord."
Pe Genos merg pe toate cele 8 trackuri, ba chiar poti combina.
27 de inset fx simultan are Genos. 27 !!!
Revin, 27 !!!
../../images/emotes/yahoo/yahoo_happy.gif )))

Genos are e drept, doar Audio Style ca drums, Ketron ar fi si bass.
Ei zic ca merge direct de pe ssd (direct streaming), ceea ce nu ar incarca memoria sampler.
Dar si la Genos , Audio Style merge direct de pe usb sau ssd.
Nu vad sa scrie nimic de compatibilitate samplere, nici macar cu seriile vechi Ketron.
"5.1 mix" ?
Pe ce ma baiet?
Pe 2 Main out si 2 auxiliare (care din descriere sunt de fapt 1 stereo) ? Dar poate ma insel si Aux 1 este o iesire stereo separata de Aux2.
Ai atunci avem L-R (Main), Ls-Rs (Aux1) si C-Sub (Aux2).
Dar daca nu sunt iesire balansate, e pacat de sunet, adio fidelitate.

Dar la ce specificatii sunt, nu prea as intelege decat un fan Ketron sa cumpere asa ceva, in loc de un Genos.
Nu ca am eu Genos.
Se stie ca am fost fan inrait Roland.
Dar ce e bun, e bun. Ce e doar figuri si reclama, si scump, trebuie descris de ce...

[ Edited Wed Nov 02 2022, 06:36PM ]

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Sat Nov 12 2022, 01:02PM

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Un singur lucru nu îmi place la clape asta ( dar pare ca e specific pentru acest brand) pich range -ul mi-ar fi plăcut să fie amplasat în partea stângă a claviaturii gen cum au cei de la Yamaha sau Korg.

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